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The key to delivering a quality application to the business is having a strategy that covers all aspects of the testing activities.  This early integration of the testing process into the project life cycle enables testing to begin at the time when maximum benefit is achieved for the minimum cost. 

This means that the Test Plan is developed during requirements definition and becomes a thread throughout each phase of the development process. We make Test Planning a separate and distinct task in which the strategy for testing is established and the test entry and completion criteria are determined.

By the time the Test Plan has been developed the requirements definition process is in it's review phase.  This means that we can start to perform static tests on the documentation that will be used throughout the remaining stages of the application development.

This strategy is used by the  following teams throughout the life of the project:

Test Team - To communicate to all parties how testing for the programme is going to be performed.

Project Team - To understand what testing is to be performed and understand the implications of testing.

Steering Committee - To provide management support and understand the risk profile from business perspective.

Types of documents make up the test plans ie:  Test strategy (Complete Application Test Strategy), Entire Project Test Plan, Master Test Plan, Detailed Test Plans

Key Benefits

  • All encompassing test methodology
  • Tailored test methodology
  • Assistance to implement the methodology


  • Perform a review of existing methodologies and processes.
  • Identify a tailored test methodology
  • Implementation plan
  • Identify unit, system, integration test plans as appropriate.

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