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Whether you require assistance in selecting, implementing an automated test tool, or have a suite of tools that are not used to their full potential, then let us assist you in increasing your efficiency and most importantly your quality.

Organisations should not be under the impression that automated test tools will be a silver bullet and provide perfect testing with minimal effort.  Automated testing is not a simple task to do, let alone do it well, and to this end there are a number of stages that the process can be divided into:

  • Stage 1: Tool Acquisition

    There are many varied tools on the market and not a single one will solve all your needs, and the tools chosen must be suitable for your application, supporting the environment and the objectives of the testing.

    • AssessmentBy understanding the objectives of your testing and assessing any dependencies and underlying assumptions we will be in a position to select only a few suitable testing tools.  
    • Evaluation & Selection
      This step in the process we will critically evaluate a number of test tools against the pre-determined list of needs that was identified previously.  Once completed we can then recommend the best tool(s) for your situation and organise the funding.
    • Installation
      We will take delivery of the test tools and install them into your environment and tailor any specific items in readiness for use in your environment.
  • Stage 2
    Now that you have a selected tool, it is important that you use it correctly to maximise the benefits of the purchase.  Automation tools can save considerable time during execution, there is a considerable effort in definition, design and automation of the tests.
    • Preparation
      This step includes preparation of the targeted test environment, including test case identification and design as well as automating the scripts.
    • Execution
      This is the final stage in the process and can be the most rewarding or frustrating depending on the effort put in on the earlier steps.  Once all automated cases have been executed and passed then the automation process is complete.

At the end of this phase you should have a completely repeatable automated test bed, containing an environment, application and test cases that are well documented and maintainable.

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Key Benefits

  • Repeatable automated test bed.
  • Test execution requires less staff and shorter execution window.
  • Reduces the risk of testing by allowing for more regression tests to be run.


Tool Evaluation
Evaluation and selection of test tools for both management and automation to suit the clients requirements.  To maximise your companies 
Formal training in the use of the tools to reduce the learning curves needs to be provided.
Automation of cases
Capture and playback of cases can be performed as soon as the planning work is completed.
Stress & Volume Testing
Applications that are deemed business critical need to be tested in a production like system from a volume perspective.  This includes running production transaction loads and mixes until the system fails.  Performance tuning then takes place and the business can understand the applications capabilities.  
Automation Reviews
This is where we perform an analysis of your current processes and standards and provide a means of implementing proven methodologies and processes into your workplace.

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