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It is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage for organisations to produce high-quality applications. Organisations have been shifting from mainframe (host-centric) applications to the client/server computing model for the past decade in an effort to produce high-quality applications faster. There is a significant increase in the risks and complexity in developing these systems has presented an enormous challenge to software testing professionals. Advanced Computing Services is in business to meet those challenges.

Our Mission

To be the leading provider of Testing Consultancy Services in Australia.  This committment includes all aspects of testing including both hardware and software, and provide clients the ability to perform this work themselves.

To be a provider of quality cost effective retail sales in the areas of personal computers relating to hardware, software and manuals and services.

Company Profile

Advanced Computing Services provides many various services to both major corporations as well as to local businesses within the communities.   The company was initially formed in 1995 and has been concentrating it's corporate services within the Software Testing arena.  The major focus of this work is to assist companies reduce the     risk associated with large scale development and deployment of new applications in both host and client server architectures.  Our consultants specialise in the development and implementation of Testing Strategies.

Our consultants cover all aspects of testing services that cater for both the traditional Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as well as the RAD approaches favoured by many companies in today's market place.  The roles performed by our consultants vary from Test Managers overseeing the entire test process for projects and cross application testing all the way down to Test Analysts writing and execution defined test cases.

Additional services that are available due to the extensive experience of our consultants include sales of hardware, software and manuals as well as assistance with Internet and WWW services.  A further service offered is small business bookkeeping utilising the facilities of our business management team.

Advanced Computing Services was formed in 1995 and comes to you with 14 years of computing services with customers ranging Victoria Police, State Bank of Victoria, Commonwealth Bank, Optus, IBM, ISSC, Armaguard, ANZ, National Bank, Telstra and a variety of individual customers.


Testing services will provide your organisation with the appropriate level of testing to suit both your time and budgets based around risk mitigation test strategies.

Consultants provide a formal process in which testing is performed throughout the lifecycle, to allow a quality product to be released into a production environment.  This covers traditional verification and validation processes with testing professionals to manage the testing, Test Analysts to perform the development and execution of  test cases and Test Automation Experts to facilitate test automation and execution.

Key Benefits

  • Professional testers that make a career out of testing.
  • Reduced costs as you don't need to hire permanent staff 

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